acmon.exe | What Is This ASUS File? Is It Safe?

Has your computer been acting up? Are you receiving a lot of pop-up messages? If so, the acmon.exe file could be to blame.

The acmon file is a software component of ASUS Splendid Video by ATK (ASUSTeK Computer Inc.). It is usually entirely safe and should not be removed.

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What is the acmon.exe file? Is it valid and safe to leave on your computer, or is it a virus or a Trojan that needs to be removed? Below, we’ll delve into this common file so that you know what to do if you ever encounter it.

What is acmon.exe?

It was created by ASUS as a part of their Splendid Video Enhancement and is an executable file. It’s a non-system process, which originates from software that has been installed on your computer.

asus acmon
ASUS: Maker of the acmon.exe file

Because the majority of applications keep data stored in the registry and on the hard disk, it can lead to fragmentation of your computer, which can cause a collection of invalid entries that can ultimately impact the performance of your system.

An executable file, acmon.exe is comprised of machine code; therefore, if you start up ATK ACMON software on your machine, the commands within the file will triggered and loaded into the RAM.

Is it Safe?

Currently, the acmon.exe file has not been given a security rating. However, it may be a dangerous program, as it activated criteria that identify files as potential dangers. It’s not yet completely known if it is malware or not; but, it’s best to steer clear of this program.

When is it not Safe? What Problems can it Cause?

The acmon file does have potential dangers. It can alter or take control of gamma and the tones of color that are displayed on the screen of your PC. Additionally, it can be prone to malware and could lead to issues for your entire machine. Errors can occur when:

  • Installations aren’t complete
  • Software that conflicts with the acmon.exe file are present
  • There are issues with the hardware within the machine
  • Malware infections are present
  • There’s a missing acmon.exe file

Some of the error messages you may receive when your computer has been affected by this file include:

  • System error
  • Acmon.exe failed
  • Acmon.exe Application Error
  • Acmon.exe is not running
  • Error starting program: Acmon.exe
  • Acmon.exe not found

These messages may pop up when a program is installing, when a program that’s associated with it is being executed, or when Windows is starting up or shutting down.

How to Remove Acmon

Removing an executable file that is considered safe isn’t recommended, as it could potentially affect the manner in which any of the other programs that are associated with it perform. With that said, you can remove the acmon.exe file by following these steps:

  • Under the Start menu, go to the Control Panel, and then go to Programs.  If you’re using Windows Vista/7/8.1/10, click Uninstall a Program; if you’re using Windows XP, click on Add or Remove Programs
  • Look for USBCharge+ and click on it. For Windows Vista/7/8.1/10, select Uninstall; for Windows XP, select Remove
  • You’ll receive prompts that will instruct you on how to remove the USBCharge+.

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