Unarc.dll: What It Is, What It Does, And Whether To Remove It

Unarc.dll is an essential dynamic link library file used by the Windows operating system and its various applications.

Here’s what it does and why you shouldn’t use remove it (usually).


What is Unarc dll?

Unarc.dll is short for Unicode ARC 16-bit Windows API. This file is a critical system file that belongs to the Windows OS and is used by many of its applications.

However, if you have third-party security software running on your computer, you may encounter situations in which it is detected as a potential threat and removed from your computer without any notification.

That is why it is important to know how to recognize unarc.dll so that you can ignore the false positives and prevent the removal of this essential file.

Where Is Unarc.dll Located?

UnArc.dll is located in the directory with the executable that uses it. This means that most of the time it will be found in either Windows>\System32 or Windows>\SysWOW64 depending on whether the file is 32-bit or 64-bit.

In some cases, however, it might be located in another directory such as Program Files>\Common Files or another user’s profile location like Users>\ User_Name \ AppData >Local>.

When this happens, you must put a copy of unarc.dll from the original location into the new one so that it can be accessed by other programs correctly.

Is unarc.dll safe?

When installed correctly, unarc.dll is safe to leave on your computer.

It is a very old file that has been included in Windows since the NT era. It is installed in the Windows system directory, and it is not recommended to remove it unless you know what you’re doing. That said, it is possible for malware and viruses to disguise themselves as unarc.dll.

That is why you should always scan your system after any Windows update installation. If you find that the file is not where it should be, you should use your antivirus to remove the file.

if you don’t use antivirus software, you should install it immediately so that you can keep your system safe. You should also watch out for any programs that install themselves in the system directory. If you do not recognize the file, you should remove it immediately.

Should you remove it?

As we have mentioned above, unarc.dll is an essential system file, so you should never attempt to remove it unless you know for sure that you can replace it with a clean version.

In some cases, however, malware may install itself in the system directory and replace unarc.dll with a malicious file of the same name. In this case, you should remove it from the system directory immediately.

You should also remove unarc.dll from the system directory if it is corrupted or otherwise damaged. If this file is not in the correct directory, it may affect your system’s performance.


Unarc.dll is an important system file that belongs to the Windows OS and is used by many of its applications.

It is safe to leave it on your computer unless you have reason to believe that it is infected with malware.

That said, it is possible for malware to disguise itself as unarc.dll. If you don’t recognize the file, you should remove it immediately.

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