sedlauncher.exe: What it is and How it affects Windows Update Services

window of sedlauncher

Should you remove the sedlauncher.exe file from your computer? Is it a legitimate file or is the sedlauncher.exe file a virus, trojan or even a type of spyware? We investigate.

What is sedlauncher.exe?

sedlauncher.exe represents a .exe file that belongs to the Microsoft Windows Operating System developed by Microsoft. The sedlauncher file is an important part of the Windows Update System.

Windows Update, if you’re unsure, refers to the Microsoft Service intended to enhance the performance of your operating system. The updates keep Microsoft Window’s operating system, as well as the related programs running well.

These updated include patches, service packs, as well as driver updates. Though intended to help, the updates could sometimes bring issues which affect users experiences significantly. The sedlauncher executable is one of the files that ensure the systems are updated.

You could think of sedlauncher.exe as the file that is designed to enhance the overall performance of the components of Windows Update Services. 

This Sedlauncher.exe file will be copied into our computer system using the KB4023057 updates patch of your Windows 10 system, and the file is located in your computer’s system directory under ‘C:\Program Files in the Rempl folder. 

The incorporation of the sedlauncher.exe file in the Windows Remediation Service is intended to speed up and safeguard the processes involved in your Windows 10 service update. Unfortunately, the same function of the file could be the reason for the associated problems like the high CPU and RAM usage.

sedlauncher.exe is a non-essential computer process for the Windows OS, but it could cause problems to your computer system. One of the biggest issues with the sedlauncher.exe file is that it causes high CPU/ disk usage and it could also cause problems with your Windows 10 application.

Is sedlauncher.exe Safe? Should You Remove It?

Overall, the sedlauncher.exe file is safe as it ensures that your Windows service is running on the latest features. The sedlauncher.exe file has a Microsoft digital signature, and it isn’t a virus.

When Is It Not Safe?

Despite Microsoft’s good intentions with this file, your sedlauncher.exe could cause problems like high CPU or RAM usage, and when either of these happens, you might want to remove the file.

So, should you find the performance of your computer unsatisfactory, this could be the culprit. 

But even when this is the case, there’s one thing that will tell you when a virus is masquerading as a sedlauncher file – if a malware scan shows that it’s a virus or if the file is located outside the prescribed location.

window showing sedlauncher in task manager

How Do I Remove sedlauncher.exe?

Though integral in the Windows 10 updates, the high CPU and RAM usage by the app are unforgivable. And if you’re struggling with the performance of your computer because of the sedlauncher.exe file, the solutions below could help you take control of things.

1. Disable it from your Task Manager

This is the simplest and also the most popular way of dealing with sedlauncher.exe since you can do it from the Task Manager with great ease.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Hold down the Windows key, pressing R simultaneously. This opens Run from where you need to type in taskmgr then click on Enter. These actions will open the Task Manager.
  2. In the Task Manager, go to the Processes tab and then open the Windows Remediation Service. Right-click this Windows service and select End Task. 

When done, check the system looking for improvements in memory and speed.

2. Disable sedlauncher from the Services

The other way of removing the troublesome sedlauncher.exe file from your computer will involve disabling it form the Services Utility. For this, you need to start by locating the Windows Remediation Service within the Service Utilities and then change the service’s properties. 

To ensure that you do things the right way, follow these steps;

  • First, hold down the Windows Key + R key to open up the Run Window. In this window, type ‘services.msc’ then click Enter. 
  • Next, you need to scroll down to the Service Utility tab until you locate the Windows Remediation Service and right-click it. Next, select Properties – this opens up the general tab. 
  • In the new General tab that opens, select your Startup Type from the dropdown menu then select Disabled, and click on Apply to effectuate the changes. 

When done, reboot the computer. This should fix your issues with sedlauncher.exe. 

3. Clean your computer

One of the best ways of ensuring that you don’t have any sedlauncher.exe issue is cleaning and tidying up your computer. You need to run scans for malware and also clean the hard drive. 

So, find the right tools to clean the drive. SFC/scannow is great for scanning and resolving malware issues. 

4. Blocking sedlauncher.exe Using an Antivirus Program

The other way of dealing with sedlauncher.exe problems involves blocking it using the best antivirus programs. After checking the full disk usage by sedlauncher.exe on the taskbar, you could block it by uninstalling the Rempl file in your Windows 10 operating system.

This process is made possible by the fact that you can disable the Sedlauncher process using third-party firewalls and software. So, even though updates for KB4023058 require the use of the sedlauncher.exe file when it isn’t in use, the file is not absolutely necessary.

By using the third-party firewalls or software, sedlauncher.exe will not go through your Windows 10 firewall, therefore, taking no disk space. With the right malware removal too, set it to block the functioning of the Windows Remediation Service. 

5. Disabling sedlauncher: Related Programs and Services Automatically

If you don’t see the need to stop sedlauncher.exe from your task manager because of third-party applications pretending to be Windows-based programs that use the sedlauncher.exe process, then you will need to find the best optimizer to ensure that the Windows updates system is deactivated without causing a disruption in the operation of your computer. 

If none of the solutions provided above work, it could mean that you have advanced errors that require handling/resolution by an advanced PC user or a professional. Now you know more about the sedlauncher.exe file than you did before and you can resolve most (if not all) of the sedlauncher.exe file issues you might face.  

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