What is mdsched.exe (Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool)? Is it safe? Should I remove mdsched?

What Is mdsched.exe?


mdsched.exe is the file that runs the Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool, which lets you check your PC’s RAM for problems from within Windows instead of having to run a memory test from outside Windows.

It’s not dangerous and doesn’t do anything other than check your computer’s RAM, but it can be annoying if you don’t need it to be running at all times.

Other Uses For Mdsched

You can also use the tool to check your computer’s hard drives, though they are best used on solid-state drives (SSDs) and traditional hard disk drives (HDDs). I

f you don’t have any problems with your SSD or HDD, it’s a good idea to run the check regularly to ensure that everything is operating as it should be. If there is a problem with either of these types of storage devices, Windows will notify you at boot time.

When you run a surface scan on an HDD from within Windows, the utility will try to recover data from areas where bad sectors exist.

You’ll see this type of issue most often when trying to access files stored in your Recycle Bin or another location that doesn’t properly contain them.

The Surface Scan tool will attempt recovery if possible; however, it may not always succeed due to file corruption or other problems beyond its control.

How Do I Run The Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool?

If you have this program installed, it will appear in your Start menu.

If mdsched is not listed in your Start Menu, it is likely that this program was uninstalled from your PC.

Is mdched.exe safe?

Don’t worry about the system file checker, or running it.

The system file checker tool is used to scan your computer for missing or corrupt system files. It’s a useful utility that Windows 10 computers use to make sure everything is working properly and it can be run from the command prompt, as well as through the Control Panel in case you need to run it manually.

The system file checker won’t find any viruses or malware on your computer, but it will find corrupt files and let you know what they are so that you can fix them.

Updating your computer often helps fix this type of problem anyway.

The easiest way to keep your computer running smoothly is to stay up-to-date. You can perform some simple maintenance and keep your computer updated to help prevent problems like this in the future.

It’s important that you have the latest software versions on your computer for a number of reasons:

  • Software updates can fix bugs, security flaws, and other issues that might be causing problems with your system
  • Newer versions of hardware drivers (the software that controls specific hardware components) often include improvements that allow those components to run more smoothly

mdsched.exe isn’t a virus, but it could be masking one.

mdsched.exe is a legitimate Windows file that isn’t a virus but can mask viruses. If you’re not sure if it’s safe to delete, do not delete mdsched.exe.

The MDSCHED process starts running when you turn on your computer and should not be deleted unless you are 100% sure it is a virus or malware masquerading as the genuine program file.


The Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool is a diagnostic program that can be used to test your computer’s RAM for problems.

If there is any doubt about the state of your computer, this program will run several tests to check it out. The tool itself is safe and doesn’t cause any harm to your PC as long as it isn’t infected with other malware or viruses.

However, if you find that mdsched.exe has been disabled by a virus or malicious software then running this program may not help at all because the malware will prevent it from running successfully on your machine.

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