RAVBg64.exe | The Realtek High Definition Audio Driver

The RAVBg64.exe file runs the Realtek High Definition Audio Driver which works your computer’s speakers and headphones. It is usually entirely safe and should not be removed.

You opened your task manager and came across a process you don’t recognize. The process is an executable file called RAVBg64.exe.

You have never downloaded a program with this name, and you’re probably left wondering what it is and whether you should delete it.

We’re here to help with more information on what this file is, and what to do about it. 

What is RAVBg64.exe?

Most newer Windows computers have a Realtek sound driver which is run by an RAVBg64.exe file on your computer.

Who Or What Is Realtek?

Realtek is a Taiwanese semiconductor firm which provides components to a wide range of computer and electronic products, including many sound systems.

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Is RAVBg64.exe Safe? Should I Remove It?

Ordinarily, RAVBg64.exe is a safe file. Removing it will cause your audio driver to malfunction, and you will likely receive error messages on the startup of your computer.

There are two instances you should remove RAVBg64: if the file is corrupted or if you are planning on using a different audio driver.

When Is It Not Safe?

Sometimes, RAVBg64.exe can be corrupted by malware. This can happen from downloading malicious software, usually accidentally.

Therefore, it’s important to always have your antivirus program scan files before they are downloaded, even if you think the file is safe.

How Do I Remove It?

If you have reason to believe that RAVBg64.exe has been corrupted, you must remove and reinstall it. This is a multi-step process that requires you to dig a little into your computer.

Perform Malware Scan

The first thing you should do is conduct a full malware scan of your computer.

If RAVBg64.exe comes up clean, then there are likely other problems causing an error. These problems may include excessive system junk such as temporary and cache files or an outdated driver. It may also be a registry error in which case you should take your computer to a professional.

Run Disk Cleanup

Try running a disk cleanup to get rid of excess files on your computer. Next update your device drivers. This can be done manually or with an update tool such as DriverDoc.

Restore System

Another thing you can try is a system restore where you can reset your system settings to a time before you got the error. A final thing you can do is to run the Windows system file checker.

If none of these solutions solve the problem, you may have an error with your registry or your installation of Windows. Both problems should only be handled by advanced PC users and may require you to visit a professional PC repair person.

Now you know what the RAVBg64.exe file is and how to fix any issues that it may cause. The file is simply part of your sound driver.

When it has problems, there are many things that could be wrong, but several of those problems can be handled with simple scans of your computer or a system restore. If these things don’t work, you may need to seek out professional repair help. 

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