MBP File Extension

There are files with the extension .mbp, and you’ve come to this page because you have one of them. Certain programs can only open files with the .mbp extension. It’s possible that .mbp files aren’t documents or media files at all, and they should be left alone.

mbp file

What is a .MBP file?

MBP files are Mobipocket Notes Files that contain e-book notes made by users, like corrections, annotations, drawings, and other important marks. There is no e-book in MBP files. Instead, the files point to the notes that users made while reading the e-book. Users can highlight important parts of an e-book and save them with the MBP extension. Because these files are linked to the e-book file because they are part of an e-book, they are usually saved with the e-book and in the same place as the e-book file. To make these files, you usually need the Mobipocket Reader Desktop application, which lets you read books and documents on a computer. These files are called Mobipocket Notes Files because they are usually made by this application. MBP files are binary files that can be read with an MBP reader. 

How to open a .MBP file?

To open the a.mbp file or any other file on your computer, just double-click it and it will open. As long as you have the right file associations, the program that should open your .mbp file will open it for you. You may have to download or buy the app that you need. Also, it is possible that you have the right software on your computer, but the .mbp files haven’t yet been linked to it. When you try to open a .mbp file, in this case, you can tell Windows to use the right program. After that, when you open the .mbp file, the right program will start.

Applications that open a .MBP file

Mobipocket Reader Desktop

MBP reader

A word of warning

Take care not to change the extension of any file, not even .mbp files. Isn’t this going to change the file type? Only special software can change a file from one format to another.

What is a file extension?

A file extension is a group of three or four characters that are added to the end of a file name, like this one .mbp. Extensions are used to tell Windows which programs can open a file. They also tell Windows what kind of file it is. Windows often choose a default program for each file extension, and when you double-click a file, the program starts up automatically. When you try to open a file that is linked to a program that is no longer on your computer, you may get an error.