compattelrunner.exe | Compatibility Appraiser Telemetry Runner

CompatTelRunner.exe is an executable file used by Microsoft Windows to check file and system compatibility. It is an important part of the Windows operating system and, although it can sometime slow down your machine temporarily, it is entirely safe and should not be removed.

What Is CompatTelRunner.exe?

As we say above, CompatTelRunner.exe is an important part of the Microsoft Windows operating system and is usually safe.

The CompatTelRunner.exe file runs the ‘Compatibility Appraiser Telemetry Runner’ process. This performs system compatibility checks within Windows.

There are lots of different versions of Windows, and files which run on the system, and this Compatibility Telemetry process is needed to reduce any problems when dealing with these versions.

The process also collects telemetry information – for users who’ve opted into the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program – on behalf of Microsoft. This is used by them to ensure future Windows versions are compatible with those files and systems already out in the field.

In general the file is safe. However there are a few issues with the CompatTelRunner process:

High CPU Usage Which May Slow Your Machine

When running the process can take up significant resources within your computer, which can often slow down your machine. The effect is usually short-lived and should not be of concern.

Hackers Use Similar Named Files For Malware

Hackers can be sneaky. One way they exploit the general trustworthiness of Windows files is give their virus/trojan/spyware a simlar name.

Therefore it is important to ensure that the compatTelRunner.exe file running on your machine is the legitimate Windows one.

The easiest way to do this is to ensure the file is within the C:\Windows\System32 folder.

How To Check A File’s Location

a. Press ctrl-alt-del

b. Click on the ‘Processes’ Tab as below:

c. Highlight the compattelrunner.exe file as above

d. Right click and click ‘Properties’ to get the following screen:

compattelrunner.exe in task manager

e. Note the location (circled)

Should You Remove compattelrunner.exe?

The compattelrunner.exe file is not required when running Windows – it can be removed or disabled with minimal effect – but we recommend the process is kept as it performs a useful role.

How To Remove It

Here what Microsoft recommends should you wish to remove the compattelrunner process from your machine:

  1. Click Start, type Task Scheduler, and then press Enter.
  2. On the TaskScheduler window, go to this path: Task Scheduler Library\Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience.
  3. On the Application Experience folder, look for Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser.
  4. Right-click on it, select Disable, and then confirm to complete the process.
  5. Once you’re done, you may check if the issue persists.

After these steps have been completed, you should find the file using the location you just made note of, and delete this version of the file.


The compattelrunner.exe file is usually safe, although it sometime uses a large amount of resources. But, if it exists in the form of a virus, you better remove it as soon as possible by following the steps mentioned above.

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