cplexe.exe | Windows XP Legacy File | Is It Safe?

The cplexe.exe executable was used by older versions of Windows to load language packs, enabling the use of non-English languages.

Language packs allow you to read text in other languages that use different characters than the English alphabet, such as Chinese, Japanese or Russian.

It is not included in modern versions of Windows; language packs have been replaced by Local Experience Packs in new Windows versions including Windows 10.

The full details are below:

File Name:cplexe.exe
File Extension:EXE file extension
Description:Microsoft IME
Object File Type:Executable application
Software Developer:Microsoft Corporation
Software Program:Microsoft IME 2002
Code Size:24576


Issues With cplexe.exe In Windows XP

If you formerly used Windows XP, you may have seen an error associated with cplexe.exe when trying to install new language packs to Windows.

At the time, the remedy required you to insert the Windows XP installation disc so Windows could locate the correct files. This executable is required for Windows to decode and incorporate language packs into the operating system.

Is cplexe.exe Safe?

The file, if legitimate, is safe as it is a part of Microsoft Windows.

Because this executable is fairly old, its name is not commonly used to disguise viruses.

How do I know if cplexe.exe is installed on my system?

To see whether cplexe.exe is installed on your system, follow these steps:

Check the Location of the File

If a hacker has use the file’s name to hide a virus then it is likely to be hidden in an obscure location.

Here’s how you find the location:

How To Check A File’s Location

a. Press ctrl-alt-del

b. Click on the ‘Processes Tab’ :

c. Highlight the Cplexe.exe file as above

d. Right click and click ‘Properties’ to get the following screen:


e. Note the location (circled)

If the file is in C:\Windows\System32 or a relevant ‘Program Files’ folder then it is probably legitimate.

Check Cplexe.exe File Size

Even if the file is called cplexe.exe and is the correct location, it is unlikely to be of the same size.

Use Windows Explore to check the file’s size (right-click on it and review ‘Properties’) and compare to the file size above.

How Do I Uninstall cplexe.exe?

It is not an essential file, and if you are running any version of Windows past Windows Vista your anti-malware software will likely easily detect this executable.

If you see this executable in a prompt from your anti-malware or anti-virus software you can safely follow the instructions for deletion.

If I uninstall cplexe.exe, do I have to uninstall the language packs as well?

No. Cplexe.exe language packs are available free of charge and you can install any or all of them on up to three personal computers without an additional download from the Internet.


If you are running a recent version of Windows cplexe.exe is unlikely to be an issue for you. However, even XP users can easily ensure the file is legitimate by following the process above.

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