Acs.exe | Part Of Qualcomm Atheros | Is It Safe?

The legitimate acs.exe file is part of the Qualcomm Atheros Configuration Service program. But is is safe?

What is Acs.exe?

The Atheros Configuration Service is a wireless device configuration tool from Atheros. The Atheros Configuration Service application is started by running Acs.exe. This is a non-essential Windows process that you can turn off if it is causing difficulties.

With Atheros Wireless LAN devices, the Atheros Configuration Service is deployed. Additional device setup options are included in the program. This program is only compatible with the Windows operating system.

Qualcomm Atheros- known as T-Span Systems and Atheros Communications- is an American semiconductor company specializing in wireless chipsets and creating and developing semiconductor technologies for communication networks. 

Teresa Meng and John L. Hennessy launched the company in 1998. Qualcomm bought the company for $3.7 billion in 2011, converting it to a division and renaming it Qualcomm Atheros.

This article includes extensive file descriptions, exe file troubleshooting tips for errors with Acs.exe, and a complete overview of free downloads for every file edition.


Key Acs.exe Statistics

Name acs.exe
Developer Qualcomm Atheros 
File Size 8.56 MB

Common Acs.exe Errors

Have you ever had acs.exe issues while using your computer? During startup or shutdown, it may generate error messages and utilize a lot of CPU. If you’re having problems with these failures and don’t know what to do, keep reading and apply the steps to solve acs.exe errors.

The most common acs.exe errors that can appear are:

  • “Application Error.”
  • “acs.exe failed.”
  • “File has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
  • “File is not a valid Win32 application.”
  • “File is not running.”
  • “File not found.”
  • “Cannot find File”
  • “Error starting program”
  • “Faulting Application Path”

When Do They Occur?

These.exe error messages can appear during the installation of a program, the performance of its associated software program, Assetto Corsa, Windows startup or closure, or even the setup of the Windows operating system.

What causes Them?

The issues listed above will occur if the service is destroyed or the upgraded drivers incorporate an error.

If your machine has a virus infection, errors will appear. In addition, viruses, Trojans, malware, and spyware can harm your computer’s files and processes, making programs unable to function efficiently. Finally, if your computer has registry errors, they can be the source of these errors as well. 

How To Fix Them?

There are many ways to fix errors in acs.exe. Some of the most prominent ones are:

  1. The Atheros drivers and the Atheros Client utility should be reinstalled. Because the function is part of the Atheros 802.11b/g Wi-Fi connectivity driver, you can correct the problem by reinstalling the drivers and the Client utility. 
  2. To uninstall a program on Windows 7/Vista, go to Start > Control Center > Programs > Remove a Program.
  3. Choose the Atheros drivers and Atheros Client Utility from all the programs installed on the system. Afterward, click Uninstall to remove them.
  4. Use antivirus software to scan your machine. If the issue is caused by cyber dangers like Trojans, viruses, adware, or malware, you should run an antivirus tool and do a comprehensive check of your computer system. If a virus infection is discovered, remove it immediately and restart your system.
  5. Resolve registry issues. The registry is a database that stores information on programs, hardware, and other resources. Many unforeseen computer difficulties can arise if something goes awry with the system registry. The faulty or outdated registry entries could be causing the Acs.exe problem. As a result, you must clean up the registry problems. 

As a result, if you’re having problems with acs.exe’s high CPU consumption or application errors, try the methods listed above. If you feel like the registry problems are causing the errors, you should download and install a professional registry cleaning application to fix the Windows registry quickly and securely.

Is Acs Safe? Is it malware?

A filename with the.exe extension is an executable file. In some circumstances, executable files can harm your machine. Please access the reports below to determine whether the acs.exe file on your computer is a virus that you should remove, a file that belongs to the Windows platform, or a trustworthy application.

The placement of the executable on its own will help you establish whether a given file is a normal Windows process or malware. A program like acs, for instance, should execute from C: Program Files assets corsaassettocorsa.exe rather than somewhere else.

To introduce a location column to your Task Manager, open it, click to View -> Select Columns, and choose “Image Path Name.” It’s a good idea to check into this procedure more if you notice a questionable directory here.

Another way would be to look at the location of this .exe file to see if it’s a legitimate application or a virus. First, start the Task Manager to see if the .exe file is legitimate.

Then, in the columns area, select Verified Signer as one of the columns to be added. If the Verified Signer results for the acs.exe process indicates “Unable to verify,” the file could be a virus.

It is not a virus or spyware if the software’s developer is genuine. If the developer isn’t listed or appears dubious, use the uninstall application to get rid of it.

How to remove this file

Follow the instructions below to remove acs.exe from your computer:

  • If the file is part of a software package, it will come with an uninstaller. In that case, in a folder like C: Program Files>Qualcomm Atheros>Agnitum Outpost Service or Atheros Configuration Service >acs uninstall.exe, execute the Uninstaller.
  • If acs.exe were installed via Windows Installer, you would need to uninstall it. Open the Install or Remove Programs tab in System Settings.
  • Then look for the software name Atheros Configuration Service in the search box or look up Qualcomm Atheros in the vendor list.
  • Then, to delete the acs.exe file from your computer, right-click it and choose Uninstall Program. The program Atheros Configuration Service and the file acs.exe will now be deleted from your computer.

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