ntvdm.exe | Is This Windows File Safe? How Can It Be Removed?

What is ntvdm.exe?

NTVDM.exe is an authorized executable file that is part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. The .exe extension represents an executable file. which, in some cases, may damage and cause harm to your computer.

Therefore, the following text may help you decide whether the ntvdm.exe file on your computer should be removed or whether it is a trusted application.


Is NTVDM.exe safe?

The first thing that will help you determine if a particular file is a legitimate Windows process or a virus is an executable location.

To confirm that, go to the Task Manager by pressing the combination of keys ctrl +alt+ del and go to the process; then, right-click on the ntvdm and open the location.

If you find it at C:\windows\system 32, then the system is not corrupted by ntvdm malware. If the ntvdm is located elsewhere; then the system is possibly corrupted by ntvdm

How To Check A File’s Location

a. Press ctrl-alt-del

b. Click on the ‘Processes Tab’ :

c. Highlight the Wbengine.exe file as above

d. Right click and click ‘Properties’ to get the following screen:

The Wbengine file

e. Note the location (circled)

Another factor that gives you a quick guide in detecting poor performing processes is when the system lags when connected to the internet.

In case you get redirected to some strange websites and find popup ads, the system might be affected by the executable file.

In case you experience any challenges with the ntvdm executable file, you should try and figure out if it is legitimate before deleting it. To have positive results, find this process in Task Manager, find its location, and compare the size with the following facts about NTVDM:

  • Name;NTVDM
  • Software: Microsoft windows
  • Publisher: Microsoft Corporation
  • Known to be up to 2330384 bytes in size on most Windows

The file must be deleted immediately if, by any chance, you suspect it to have a virus. If you detect common problems, figuring out the last installed software can ease the process of uninstalling the Windows processor.

To delete the NTVDM virus, then downloading and installing an all rounded security application should be the first step. However, not all software has the ability to detect and rectifying malware.

To fully protect your system, you will need to try out several software tools. In some cases, how the virus operates can result to an altered deleting process of the NTVDM.exe. For effective results, it is advisable to switch your networking into safe mode.

The safe mode partially disables most processes and only allows the installation of the most crucial tools.

How Can NTVD.EXE Be Removed?

Users who have been experiencing high CPU levels can remove the NTVDM issue by installing troublesome updates from the windows operating system.

Typically, it is all that it takes to resolve the issue and continue using the computer without any problems. However, it is advisable to keep in mind that the CPU problems may not result from the file’s legitimacy.

If ntvdm is not computer malware and you need to delete it, you can effortlessly uninstall Microsoft windows from your PC. If the uninstall tool cannot be located, you may need to uninstall Microsoft Windows to delete ntvdm completely. You can use the add \ remove program function in the Windows Control Panel.

Are you still ready to remove ntvdm? Okay, let’s go for it. Here is the guide:

NTVD.EXE Removal Guide

First of all, you need to download and install the ntvdm removal tool known as GrindSoft Anti-Malware.
The installing steps carried out are straightforward; you need to choose the installation folder and press the Install button to proceed.

Run your PC scan
NOTE: Before you start to scan your computer, CLOSE ALL ACTIVE BROWSER WINDOWS at this time. After installing, start the program. Every time you start this program, the anti-malware will start an automatic standard scan.

You will then see the screen with a progress bar and alerts. You’ll see what kind of file anti-malware was found during the scan, and its exact location.

Apply actions to ntvdm infected files
To be able to remove detected items, you need to purchase a license. However, the program has free tools available that will help you in most cases.

The removal function deletes 50% of detected items by choosing the most dangerous from the list. Reset your browser settings that will close all instances of selected browsers. You’ll lose any unsaved changes. In that case, save all work in progress before you continue.

When you eliminate ntvdm, we strongly recommend you reset your browser settings.

For that, you go to the “Tools” tab and press the “Reset browser settings” button.

NOTE: This function is free to use in all versions of the program and will help you in most cases. You can choose what Internet browser and the exact options you want to reset.

To help you analyze the ntvdm process on your computer, the security Task Manager may come in handy.

The security manager shows all running tasks on your computer. The antivirus locates and gets rid of spyware, adware Trojans Keyloggers and malware.


Like most Windows processes, ntvdm.exe is a core system file that might take a lot of CPU power to run once executed.

Hence, ntvdm is essential for standard PC functionality and so you shouldn’t usually terminate this process because. You should always update your PC programs and software at all times.

The measures help in reducing chances of a malware attack on your computer.

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