Yourphone.exe | Windows To Android Sync | Is It Safe?

Yourphone.exe is the .exe file that runs a new Microsoft feature that syncs Android phones to Windows. But is it safe? We investigate.

What is Yourphone.exe?


Even though there are many system processes and apps on a device, the user is still not familiar with them most of the time. Yourphone.exe, unlike other system processes, is a new system process that was introduced on Windows 10.

This app is a relatively new Windows feature that helps you sync your Windows device with an Android smartphone. It helps you read notifications, including messages, without looking at your android device directly.

You can use the app with limited access, like browser link sharing with no other features if you’re an iPhone user. Moreover, you can share files and images between your devices, reply to your messages from your PC, and many more things.

This app is a Microsoft app, so it is safe to use on your computer. Yourphone.exe is the main part of the Yourphone application in Windows 10. This application only runs on Windows 10 and Xbox. Some of the key features of Yourphone.exe are mentioned below:

  • It helps to link your Phone and Computer to grant access to a variety of cross-device experiences. 
  • It allows you to see recent photos from your phone to your PC. However, this feature is only available on Android. 
  • It helps you view and send text messages from your computer. This feature is also only available on Android. 
  • It gives access to the user to answer phone calls, play games, and control music. 
  • It also gives the user the feature of screen mirroring, available only for android users.
  • The location of this file is: 

 C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.YourPhone_1.20051.89.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe

Key statistics 

Name: YourPhone.exe

Developer: Microsoft

File size: 19KB

Latest version number: 2021 1.21072.160

Common Yourphone.exe Errors  

What is the error?

The users of this software often complain about the high CPU consumption of Yourphone.exe process. This error might occur because it is constantly running in the background. This usually indicates that this software is working on Windows 10.

So, if you close the app, the process will continue to run unnoticed as it constantly syncs quietly with Yourphone app on your phone. Hence, whenever you get a text, you can receive it in real-time on your desktop.

When Yourphone.exe is constantly running in the background, it will cause your computer to slow down or encounter other performance issues. If the issues are not resolved and it starts to affect the performance of your computer, then you might want to get rid of all the problems altogether. 

When does it occur?

This error usually occurs when it keeps on running on your device and taking up your phone storage. If there is high consumption of CPU usage, it means that the system is infected with a malware infection. To fix this problem, you should run the anti-virus software throughout the system. 

What causes it?

This app serves as a bridge to transfer your data and notifications from your phone to your PC. If you do not want to access your cell phone through your computer, you can ignore this feature, but it will keep consuming your CPU resources if it is turned on and not used.

Usually, Yourphone.exe only uses a small amount of CPU and RAM when it is not being used. Therefore, it is recommended to turn off this feature if you do not want to waste your system’s resources. Moreover, you can remove this application from your PC if you do not want to use it. 

How to fix this? 

If you want to eliminate this problem, you can disable the applications so that they don’t consume power by running them in the background.

If your app YourPhone is not working properly, you should repair the app first. For repairing, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click start and search for your phone. 
  2. Right-click and select App settings. 
  3. In the settings window, scroll down and click on Repair. 
  4. If repairing doesn’t help, try to reset from the same App setting window. If the reset does not help, try to uninstall the app and install it again from the Microsoft store. 

Is Yourphone.exe a virus? Is it malware? 

Yourphone.exe is a legitimate process in Windows 10. It is not malware or virus because it is a genuine program developed by Microsoft.

This app might show up in Task Manager, but it doesn’t take many resources. Moreover, it offers you the communicative possibilities between different systems like iOS and Android phones. 

How to disable Yourphone.exe? 

This app is a built-in Universal Windows Platform App. It cannot be uninstalled from Add/Remove Programs or Add or Remove Programs. In-App settings, the uninstall button does not let the user click it as it appears to be in grey. If you want to uninstall Yourphone app from your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Start PowerShell as an Administrator. 
  2. Then, type Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage. 
  3. Deployment Operation Progress notification will appear and disappear again. This means Yourphone is Uninstalled. 
  4. You can also verify this by typing the app name in the Windows Search box. This won’t return the Yourphone app as a search result. 
  5. You might also search for Yourphone in the Microsoft store. They might ask you to install the app because it is not in your system. 

Disable YourPhone.exe:

For this, go to the privacy section in the windows settings. And press Ctrl + l from your keyboard and click on privacy. Then, go to the Background apps option and select the Yourphone application and turn it off.

Restart your PC and check if the issues are resolved permanently. This might affect your notifications when you receive them on the phone. 

How to stop running Yourphone.exe in your background:

This app is a Universal Windows App, so it can easily be disabled from running in the background. To stop this app from running in the background, practice the following steps:

  1. Firstly, type Background apps and click Open. 
  2. Then, scroll down to YourPhone and then untick. This will set the option to ‘OFF’
  3. The setting will have some effect when you try to log in or log out. You can verify this by opening the Task Manager and search for the app again. The app won’t be on the list. 

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