Instup.exe | Is This AVAST File Safe?

instup.exe is an executable file developed by AVAST that is part of the Avast Free Antivirus software. The file is usually safe and helps keep systems free of malware.

What is instup.exe?

The AVAST antivirus software is available to download for free on Windows, Android, and Mac operating systems. The software scans for existing malware and also uses analytics to stop malware from infecting your system.

avast instup.exe

About AVAST Anti-Virus Software

AVAST is one of the main internet security companies out there. It’s particularly known for its free anti virus product (which is, of course, upgrade-able to a premium service. Here’s what PC Magazine said about it:

Avast Free Antivirus offers antivirus protection that earns good scores in my hands-on tests and very good scores from the independent testing labs. As for bonus features, it offers much more than many competing commercial products, including a network security scanner, a password manager, and more.

PC Mag

Your system will be unaffected by removing the instup.exe file as it is not developed by Microsoft and is not an essential Windows file.

Instup stands for Installer and Virus Definition Updater. This file is responsible for installing the antivirus software and delivering updates to the software so that you have the latest patch and receive any new functionality.

Is instup.exe Safe?

The genuine version of the file is safe and is unlikely to cause your computer any problems. In fact, it is most likely increasing your system security by detecting and removing malware.

AVAST is a certified and trustworthy company so although insteup.exe isn’t a Windows file, and can monitor other programs, it isn’t considered dangerous.

However, you may have a damaged version of the file which needs repairing. The genuine version of the file will usually be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\AVAST Software\Avast\setup\. If you have a file under the same name that is located somewhere different, for example, C:\windows\system32 or anywhere in C:\windows, it’s likely you have a virus.

If your instup.exe file is in the right place but is causing your computer problems such as taking up huge amounts of CPU, resulting in a sluggish computer, you should repair it. You can do this by following these instructions:

  • Find and open Control Panel
  • Select Progam and Features
  • Select Avast
  • Scroll down and select Repair.

Doing this should repair your file and allow it to function properly again.

How To Remove This File

If you want to remove instup.exe because it is causing you problems, or you don’t wish to use Avast anti-virus software, then you can follow the instructions in the last section, but select delete or uninstall rather than repair.

If you have a genuine version of the file, this should remove Avast antivirus from your computer. After you have done this, you should restart your computer to check the program has been deleted.

Several trojan viruses will disguise themselves as instup.exe and cause significant problems on your system.

The problems depend on the specific virus; some viruses will hijack your files, corrupting and replacing them so that you are overrun with error messages. Otherwise, they will run quietly in the background collecting your data.

These viruses can be sophisticated, and the best way to remove them fully is to use trusted anti-virus software or the built-in Windows security tools.

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