mom.exe | Part of AMD’s Catalyst Control Center

What Is mom.exe?

mom.exe is an exe file, part of AMD’s Catalyst Control Center.

This is the performance management software for computers using AMD chips; mom.exe is the part that monitors the Graphical Process Units.

When mom.exe experiences an issue, the Catalyst Control Center may crash, generate errors, or become unstable.

And like all otherwise legitimate files, malware writers can use a similar name to mask a virus or trojan, and so we recommend the file should be checked to ensure it’s genuine.

Below, we take a look at mom.exe, how to ensure it is legitimate, and how to remove it if you wish.

Who Developed This File?

As stated above, the file is developed by AMD as part of its Catalyst Control Center, loaded on all AMD based computers.

Here’s more from tomsguide:

The AMD Catalyst Control Center is a component in the AMD Catalyst software engine. This application provides video customization options to adjust display settings, display profiles and video performance. While the more casual computer user might never find reason to use this utility, it still plays a very crucial role in your video card’s functioning.,review-2012.html

Security Issues With EXE Files Such As mom.exe

Issue 1: Malware Masquerading As mom.exe

This is an issue common to other Windows processes.

Virus/Trojan/Spyware etc writers give their malicious files a similar name to these legitimate processes, hoping that users will mistake them for their safe namesake.

The key way to check that the file running on your computer is legitimate is to check its file location. The real process sits in the C://Windows/System32 folder and hence if your file is elsewhere, it is likely to be malicious.

How To Check A File’s Location
a. Press ctrl-alt-del
b. Click on the ‘Details Tab’. Examine mom.exe
c. Highlight the mom.exe file
d. Right click and click ‘Properties’ to get the following screen:

how to locate files such as mom.exe

e. Note the location (circled)

Issue 2: An Out Of Date File

Out of date files may not run in an up to date program.

Related Error Messages

Errors relating to mom.exe are more likely to be an issue for users than viruses. The following error message are often observed:

  • There was a problem starting C:WindowsSystem32/mom.exe
  • mom.exe Could Not Be Found
  • mom.exe Is Missing

These errors are usually caused by:

  • Issues with the host
  • A recent Windows update which may cause the program to search in the wrong file location and so could not be found
  • An out of date Windows system32 file
  • Applications being loaded on an old machine
  • Too many programs being opened on a PC

It is common the find the mom.exe file in Task Manager too, which often causes concern.

How To Fix mom.exe Errors

The safest way to fix these errors is to reinstall the related application – ie the Catalyst software. This should reinstall the latest Exe files and fix any issues.

You may wish to uninstall the previous version first too – to be downloading to a ‘clean’ PC. An alternative is to download the missing file from AMD – although this is very technical and should only be done by a developer.

The other common fix, which we do not recommend, is to use one of the many download sites. Adding the file may not fix the problem as Exe errors are often more complex than a missing file (even if that’s the immediate error that is flagged).

In addition the files on these sites are often out of date, or even contain viruses, which could also cause problems.

Therefore, we recommend reinstalling the application (ie Catalyst) using the offending exe file to fix any mom.exe error.

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