‘RGSS202E.DLL Is Missing’ Error? Ruby Game Scripting System Fix

RGSS202E.dll is used in games developed using the RPG Maker software and is usually safe. However, out of date dll files, or files masquerading as safe dlls, should be fixed – we show you how:

What Is RGSS202E.dll?

RGSS202E.dll is a DLL file associated with the Ruby Game Scripting System, used by games developers to develop 2D games for the Windows platform.

Who Wrote This RGSS File?

The Ruby Game Scripting System is owned by the makers of the RPG Maker range of products. It uses the object orientated Ruby programming language.

RPG Maker stands for ‘Role Playing Game’ Maker, which is a popular Japanese platform for creating simple games with little programming experience. Or as the company says:

Games are hard to make, right? Not with RPG Maker! It’s as simple as starting a New Project. We provide the tools and assets so you can start making your dream game in seconds!


If you play a game made by RPG Maker you’ll be automatically usinmg RGSS and will therefore need to have the RGSS202E.dll file available to it.

Is RGSS202E.dll and RGSS Safe?

RPG Maker is a reputable company owned by the large Japanese Enterbrain Inc software company. Therefore RGSS and related files are usually safe.

However, out of date dll files – or similarly named files used to mask viruse s- can be an issue. A decent anti-malware program should pick these issues up.

Related Error Messages

Errors relating to RGSS202E.dll are more likely to be an issue for users than viruses. The following error message are often observed:

  • There was a problem starting C:\\Windows\System32\RGSS202E.dll
  • RGSS202E.dll Could Not Be Found
  • RGSS202E.dll Is Missing

These errors are usually caused by:

  • Issues with the host
  • A recent Windows update which may cause the Logitech program to search in the wrong file location and so could not be found
  • An out of date Windows system32 RGSS202E.dll file
  • Applications being loaded on an old machine
  • Too many programs being opened on a PC

It is common the find the RGSS202E.dll files in Task Manager too, which often causes concern.

How To Fix RGSS202E.dll and RGSS Errors

The safest way to fix RGSS202E.dll errors is to reinstall the related application or game. This should reinstall the latest DLL files and fix any issues.

You may wish to uninstall the previous version first too – to be downloading to a ‘clean’ PC.

An alternative is download the missing file from the project repository of Github  – although this is very technical and should only be done by a developer.

The other common fix, which we do not recommend, is to use one of the many DLL download sites. Adding the file may not fix the problem as DLL errors are often more complex than a missing file (even if that’s the immediate error that is flagged).

In addition the files on these sites are often out of date, or even contain viruses, which could also cause problems.

Therefore, we recommend reinstalling the application using the offending dll file to fix any RGSS202E.dll error.

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