Fix wuapp.exe Errors | Windows Update Launcher Issues Fixed

The exe file wuapp.exe is the Windows Update Application Launcher, responsible for launching the Windows Update program. This, as the name suggests, searches and installs any Windows updates.

Its function has been handed off to other files in Windows after version 8.1. If you have Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1, you may have seen an error associated with this file.

If the wuapp.exe file is not located where Windows expects it to be, it will show you an error indicating that “wuapp.exe cannot be found.” This is a fairly common error in versions of Windows prior to Windows 10.

If you are running a version of Windows other than Windows 10 and you get an error, you can generally start Windows Update manually to solve the problem.

In most cases, Windows Update will detect the missing wuapp file and replace it. Enter the word “update” into the Windows Search bar and hit enter. In the window that appears, click “Check for Updates” and approve any updates Windows finds.

If this does not resolve the error, you may wish to contact a computer technician. Maintaining the updates issued to Windows is essential for proper operation and security, and it is unwise to use a computer without the most recent updates installed.

The full details are below:

File Name:wuapp.exe
File Extension:EXE file extension
Description:Windows Update Application Launcher
Object File Type:Executable application
Software Developer:Microsoft Corporation
Software Program:Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Code Size:20992

Wuapp.exe Errors & How to Fix Them

Wuapp.exe Errors & How to Fix Them

Windows Update errors can be caused by many different events, such as incomplete installation of Windows OS, hardware drivers, or application related issues.

Fixing issues depends on the cause of the error. The following specific strategies can be used for the most common wuapp.exe errors:

  • Reinstall Windows OS
  • Update Windows OS drivers
  • Reboot your computer
  • Troubleshoot application-related issues
  • Enable or disable a program or add-on from the Control Panel can fix wuapp.exe errors
  • Perform a search of the Application Event Viewer (Windows)
  • Run a system scan using Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware
  • Perform a system file backup
  • Perform a full scan of your computer using antivirus software
  • Assign a new drive letter to the Windows drive that contains the corrupted file that you want to delete can fix wuapp.exe errors
  • Use the Disk Cleanup utility in Windows OS and delete unneeded files from your computer, including temporary files, old logs, and other junk files, can fix wuapp.exe errors
  • Perform a scan of your computer for spyware, malicious software, or infected files using the free version of Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware
  • Run a full system scan using Spybot – Search & Destroy
  • Update the Windows OS with the latest Microsoft Security updates
  • Upgrade the Windows OS to a newer version if required
  • Run a full scan of your computer to detect any malicious software, including spyware, adware, and viruses using the free version of Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware
  • Run Windows OS in Safe Mode with Networking to delete a program that may be causing wuapp.exe errors
  • Troubleshoot any other running programs to try and determine if any of them are causing wuapp.exe errors
  • Run a Disk Defragmentation
  • Perform a Registry Cleanup
  • Update the BIOS of your computer
  • Update the Windows OS by downloading the latest service packs that are available


The wuapp.exe file is unlikely to be on more modern computers running Windows 10.

Older computers may have problems with this file, but the above steps can usually be used to fix any issues.

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