RTLS5Wake.exe: What Is It and Can You Safely Remove It?

If you’re wondering what rtls5wake.exe is and whether it’s safe to keep on your computer, you’re not alone.

This executable file is part of the Realtek WOWL Utility, a program that allows your computer to wake up from sleep mode when it receives a signal from your network card. While this feature can be useful for some users, others may find that rtls5wake.exe causes problems and slows down their system.

So, is rtls5wake.exe safe? The answer depends on your specific situation. While this file is not essential for Windows 10/11/7, it is not necessarily a virus or malware. However, some users have reported issues with rtls5wake.exe, such as high CPU usage and system crashes. If you suspect that rtls5wake.exe is causing problems on your computer, it may be worth considering removing it.

If you do decide to remove this file, it’s important to do so carefully. Deleting the wrong file can cause serious problems with your system, so it’s recommended to use a trusted anti-malware program or follow a step-by-step guide from a reputable source. Keep in mind that removing rtls5wake.exe may disable the wake-on-LAN feature, so consider whether this feature is important to you before making any changes.

What is rtls5wake.exe?


Rtls5wake.exe is a process that is associated with the Realtek WOWL Utility, which is a program that allows a computer to wake from sleep mode when it receives a network signal. The process is developed by Realtek, a company that specializes in producing network hardware such as network interface controllers and audio codecs.

According to FreeFixer, rtls5wake.exe is a digitally signed file and is considered safe to use. However, it is important to note that some users have reported issues with the process, such as high CPU usage or system slowdowns.

It is also important to note that rtls5wake.exe has been associated with Trojan viruses in the past. However, based on the search results, it appears that the process itself is not a virus or malware of any kind.

Is It Safe?

The question of whether rtls5wake.exe is safe or not is a common one among Windows users. According to various sources, it’s a legitimate Windows process associated with the Realtek WOWL Utility.

Realtek WOWL Utility is a program that allows a computer to be woken up from sleep mode using a network signal. This process is typically found on computers with Realtek wireless LAN drivers installed. It is not considered to be a virus or malware of any kind.

However, it is important to note that some malware may disguise themselves as rtls5wake.exe in order to avoid detection. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep your antivirus software up to date and scan your system regularly to ensure that your computer is not infected with any malicious software.

If you are concerned about the file, you can submit the file to VirusTotal for analysis. VirusTotal is a free online service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and detects viruses, worms, trojans, and other kinds of malware.

Can I remove rtls5wake.exe?

Yes, you can remove rtls5wake.exe if you don’t need it or if it is causing issues on your computer. However, it is important to note that rtls5wake.exe is not a virus or malware. It is a legitimate program called Realtek WOWL Utility that is installed on your computer along with Realtek audio drivers.

If you decide to remove rtls5wake, there are a few ways to do it. One way is to use the Control Panel:

1Open the Control Panel.
2Click on “Programs and Features” or “Add or Remove Programs.”
3Find “Realtek WOWL Utility” in the list of installed programs.
4Click on “Uninstall” or “Remove.”

Another way to remove rtls5wake.exe is to use a third-party uninstaller program. These programs can help you remove programs and their associated files and registry entries more thoroughly than the built-in Windows uninstaller.

However, before you remove rtls5wake.exe, make sure that you don’t need it. If you use Wake-on-LAN (WOL) to remotely wake up your computer, you will need Realtek WOWL Utility to enable this feature. If you’re not sure whether you need rtls5wake.exe or not, it’s best to leave it installed.

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