Exe Files: Executable Files Reviewed

Executable files – recognisable by their .exe endings – are programs which can run on Windows computers.

Most software on Windows computers are in this form, including many of the core files used by the Microsoft Windows Operating Environment.

Unfortunately, malware writers also use their power. Most malware, trojans, viruses and trojans are .exe files.

Therefore we will consider each common file type you may see on your compuer – and ask whether it is malware or legitimate.

Types Of .exe Files We Review

Microsoft Windows System Files

The Windows operating system uses several files on your (Windows) computer to run your operating system.

Howtogeek explains these Windows system files further:

….a Windows system file is any file with the hidden system attribute turned on. In practice, system files are those files that Windows depends upon to operate properly. These range from hardware drivers to configuration and DLL files and even the various hive files that make up the Windows Registry.

These files are usually safe. However hackers often give similar names to their malware to exploit this.

Third Party Files

This covers a wide variety of files. However they are often from trusted technology providers that you should not be concerned about.

For example, intel and AMD often microchips need .exe files to operate properly.

In addition, most computers have internet browsers, graphics packages, spreadsheets etc. Most of which these one or more .exe files.

These files are bigger candidates for being malware. The sheer number of the files makes it difficult to manage – which is why we recommend the use of a good anti-malware package.

However most third party files are safe.

If you are concerned about a file we should have an article on it here. Search via the search bar in the sidebar (desktops) or below (mobiles too).

Executable (.exe) Files Reviewed

Here are some of the .exe files we review:

Executable File: A-E

Executable File: F-L

Executable File: M-Q

Executable File: R-Z

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