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fla file

What is an FLA file?

In Adobe Animate, there is a file called an FLA file. This file is mainly for animation projects. This is a program that lets you make and publish interactive animations. The package has video, graphics, audio, and text elements in it. Because FLA files can be seen in almost every browser that has the Flash plug-in, they are often saved as.SWF files for web use.

Additional Information

If you open an FLA file in the Animate environment, five main parts are shown. Among the parts of the environment are a stage that shows the visible area, a library panel that stores media element, a timeline that controls the element’s timing, and a tool panel that has tools for working with project elements,

Animate used to be called Flash, which was a multimedia program made by Macromedia and bought by Adobe in 2005. In 2016, Flash was changed to Animate.

Programs for opening and looking up FLA files


Adobe Animate CC 2019


Adobe Animate CC 2019