DFT File Extension

DFT-encoded files are a kind of file with the DFT extension. Documents with the DFT file extension bear the name Solid Edge Draft Document. The Windows system platform software is compatible with the DFT file format.

 CAD File category filename extensions, such as all other CAD Files, like in our database, belonging to the Solid Edge (developed by Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.). It is one of the most popular pieces of software that can open DFT files. 

The bottom line is that DFT files are compatible with the Windows system platform software and the Solid Edge family of CAD software, which includes the program named Solid. So if you’re looking for a way to open DFT files, these are some good options to consider. Be sure to check out the developer’s official website for more information on each of these programs. Thanks for reading!

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Importance Of DFT File Extensions

Solid Edge is a 3D CAD software that enables users to create and edit 3D models. It is used by engineers for product design, manufacturing, and simulation. Solid Edge also can export files in DFT format. DFT files are used to store drafts of Solid Edge documents. Windows system platform software is compatible with the DFT file format, so it can be opened by many programs. 

Other CAD software, like Autodesk Inventor and CATIA, can also open DFT files. If you need to open a DFT file, but don’t have Solid Edge installed on your computer, you can download the free trial from the Solid Edge website.

Programs That Support DFT File Extension

If you are looking for a program to open DFT files, you can try one of the following:

  • Solid Edge (developed by Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.) 
  • CAD File category filename extensions 
  • Windows system platform software compatibility

How Do I Open A DFT-encoded File?

There may be a variety of reasons why you are having difficulty opening DFT files on your computer. On the plus side, the most frequently seen issues with Solid Edge Draft Document files aren’t difficult to resolve. In most situations, they can usually be resolved quickly and effectively without the help of an expert. The following is a list of pointers that can assist you in detecting and resolving file-related difficulties.

Install Solid Edge software

If you don’t have Solid Edge software installed on your computer, you’ll need to do that before you can open DFT files. You can find the Solid Edge software downloads on the Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software website.

Once you have Solid Edge software installed, you can open DFT files by double-clicking them. You may also be able to open them from within other CAD programs.

 Set the default application to Solid Edge when opening DFT files.


  • Choose the “Open with the choice” from the file menu accessed by right-clicking on the DFT file.
  • Then select another program using More apps, and select any other app from the list of applications.
  • Select Look for another app on this PC from the drop-down menu to confirm your selection; then put in the path to your Solid Edge directory.
  • Finally, click OK to finish off these steps.


As you can see, it offers the same general settings and functions as Solid Edge.

  • From the drop-down menu, which is accessible by clicking the file with DFT extension, select Information.
  • Then go to the Open With section.
  • If it’s closed, click on the title to see additional options. Select Solid Edge from the list of applications and then Change for All…
  • Finally, a message should appear that says This modification will be applied to all files with DFT extension.
  • Click Continue to finalize your selection.

 In Case Of Error Issues

  • Verify that the DFT in question is free of a computer virus. If the file is infected, it may prevent you from opening it. It’s a good idea to run an antivirus scan on your system as soon as possible, or use an online scanner. If the antivirus program suggests that the DFT file is hazardous, follow its instructions to remove the danger.
  • If the file with the DFT extension contains any errors, check to see if it’s possible to rectify them. Let’s say you received the file through a friend or family member, ask him or her to re-send it to you. Errors may occur during the file’s copying process, leaving it incomplete or damaged. This might be where your problems with the file stem from. If a problem occurs while downloading a file with a DFT extension,
  • There’s a chance that the file in question can only be accessed by users with sufficient system permissions. Log in as an administrator and see if this helps.
DFT files – image from pixabay y Pexels.png
  • Check to see whether your system has enough resources available to run the program that works with DFT files. Close all currently running applications and try opening the DFT file again.
  • Make sure your operating system and drivers are up-to-date. The latest releases of programs and drivers may aid you in resolving issues with Solid Edge Draft Document files and providing the security of your device and operating system. It’s conceivable that one of the available system or driver upgrades will be able to fix the difficulties with DFT files that existed in older versions of a specific program.

Convert DFT File To Another Format

Since the DFT file extension is not a widely used format, it can be difficult to find software that can open them. If you need to convert a DFT file to another format, there are a few different options available.

One option is to use an online converter. There are several online converters available that can convert DFT files to other formats. Simply upload the file and select the conversion option you want.

Another option is to use software that can open DFT files. If you have Solid Edge installed on your computer, you can use it to open DFT files. Other software that can open DFT files includes Siemens PLM NX and Visio.

If you are unable to open the DFT file with any of the software options mentioned, you may need to download a converter that can open DFT files. There are some converters available that can convert DFT files to other formats. Once the converter is installed, simply open the DFT file and select the conversion option you want.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you save the converted file in a format that is compatible with the software or devices you plan to use it with.