IAStorIcon.exe | Intel Array Storage Technology Icon Service

IAStorIcon.exe is an executable file used by Intel to manage storage devices in your computer set up. It is usually entirely safe and should not be removed.

If you’ve recently noticed the IAStorIcon.exe file in your task manager, then you’re probably wondering if it’s a virus or spyware. After all, there are a lot of hungry hackers online waiting to take advantage of your next file execution.

The good news is that you can easily avoid an attack if you arm yourself with the proper information. Let’s take a moment to discuss what this file is, what it does, how safe it is, when you should be concerned, and how you can remove it.

What Is IAStorIcon.exe and What Does It Do?

IAStorIcon stands for Intel Array Storage Technology Icon Service and is an application that was created by Intel. Specifically, it’s used by Rapid Storage Technology (RST).

Here’s how Intel describes it:

The IAStorlcon.exe Rapid Storage Technology Infographic
Source: Intel

(If that doesn’t mean much then that’s fine – the takeaway is that RST is a normal legitimate thing to be on your computer set up)

Whenever you start Windows, IAStorIcon.exe starts up as well. And whenever you connect a storage device to your computer, IAStorIcon.exe displays messages.

Is The IAStorIcon.exe Process Safe?

IAStorlcon.exe has a limited purpose and does not play a vital role when it comes to the stability of Windows. However, you can rest assured that in most cases, IAStorIcon.exe is a legitimate file. In fact, the most harm that it can cause is using too much CPU or memory.

When Might it Not Be Safe?

Sure, in the majority of cases, this file is perfectly harmless. It simply exists to display messages that are related to your storage devices.

However, there are instances in which virus writers may attempt to trick you by giving their file the same name. In other words, malware may be camouflaged as IAStorIcon.exe. So it’s important that you check the IAStorIcon.exe process to find out whether or not it’s a threat.

Usually, you can tell if your file contains a virus by paying attention to the error messages. For instance, your error message may say that IAStorIcon has stopped working.

The message may say that IAStorIcon.exe has encountered a problem and that the file needs to close. You may even receive an error message that says that IAStorIcon.exe. can’t be found at all. These are signs that the file may have malicious intent.

How to Remove The Intel Array Storage Technology Icon Service or Disable It

If you suspect that the IAStorIcon.exe is indeed camouflaged malware or contains a virus, you should remove or disable it. Luckily, this non-system process can be easily stopped because it doesn’t play a part in the running of your operating system.

Simply press your Windows key + R. A box will appear in the lower left-hand corner and request that you type in the name of a program, folder, document, or internet resource.

Type ‘appwiz.cpl’. You can then select Rapid Storage Technology from your list of installed programs. This will give you the option to uninstall the application.

The Takeaway

If you’re worried about what effect IAStorIcon.exe will have on your computer, don’t be. This program starts with Windows by default. And in most cases, the biggest impact it can have on your computer is using too much of its memory.

However, if you happen to notice signs that this file may be malware or contain a virus, you can quickly and easily remove it.

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