What is Dashost.exe? Is it a Virus or is it Safe?

The DasHost.exe file is an important part of of Windows, used to connect apps and devices. But is it safe? We investigate…

DasHost exe

What is Dashost.exe?

The Device Association Framework (DAS) Provider Host process, which runs on Windows 10, is used to discover and connect to devices such as printers and smart appliances. The process also allows apps to send alerts to devices.

The DAS Host process also allows apps to send alerts to devices.

You can find DAS host in Task Manager under the services tab. In Windows 10, DAS Host is a system service that runs in the background. It is used to discover, connect to, and send alerts to devices such as printers, sensors, and smart appliances.

How To Fix Errors With DASHOST.exe

Dashost.exe is not responding

If you are getting an error that says “Dashost.exe is not responding”, then it could be due to any of the following reasons. The most common reasons are as follows: –

  • This process is not responding because it has stopped responding or has been interrupted. You can try to restart this process from the Task Manager or from the command prompt.
  • The dashost.exe is running in the background and might have encountered some issue. You can try to restart the computer and check again.

Is Dashost.exe Safe? Is It A Virus?

A legitimate DASHost Exe file is not a virus, as it’s an important part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System.

Unfortunately hackers sometime name viruses with names similar to such trusted files and so it should not be assumed that such a file is automatically safe.

A good anti-virus software package should be able to pick this up however.

Should You Remove DASHost Exe?

You shouldn’t normally remove DASHost.exe. It’s an important part of Windows.

The DAS Host process is closely related to the DAF and WinRT APIs and is necessary for devices to be discovered and connected to apps.

This process is essential for apps to be able to connect to devices like printers or smart appliances. Apps need the DAS Host process to be running so that they can discover and connect to devices.

If the DAS Host process is disabled, apps won’t be able to discover or connect to any devices.

The DAS Host process also allows apps to send alerts to devices.


DasHost is an important Windows process used to connect apps and devices.

A legitimate Dashost.exe file is therefore safe and should not be removed.

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