MSV File Extension

What is an MSV file?

MSV files are most often found on memory sticks made by the Sony Corporation of America. It’s possible to use the Sony Player Plug-in Version 1.2 to play the Microsoft Windows Media Player App.

How can I open an MSV file?

msv file

MSV files can be opened only with specialized software such as Memory Stick. If you do not have the appropriate software, Windows will prompt you to choose how to open the file or will display “Windows cannot open this file” or a similar message on Mac, iPhone, or Android. If you can’t open an MSV file, right-click or long-press it. Then, click “Open with” and choose an app. Also, this file can be viewed right in the browser. When you drag the file into this browser window, just drop it there.

Programs that open and convert MSV files:

MyStars! (Saved View) by Relative Data, Inc.

MyStars! allows you to see and discover the planets, minor planets, comets, stars, and Messier (M) objects in the night sky from anywhere on Earth and at any time. This is a Windows astronomy program. This group employs the application/x-mystars-view Mime type.

Memory Stick by Sony Corporation of America

How to Fix Problems with MSV Files

Assign the MSV file extension to the app that can read it. Right-click any MSV file and choose “Open with.” Then, choose another app. Then, choose a different application and check the box that says “Always use this application to open *.msv files.”

If you want to use MSV files, you need to use the most recent version. Then, check the manufacturer’s website for Memory Stick updates, like Sony Corporation of America’s, to see if there are any new ones.

After that, re-download and submit your MSV file to to ensure that it isn’t damaged or infected.