Perfmon.exe | Windows Performance Monitor

Perfmon.exe is a computer file, specifically, a genuine software component of your Microsoft Windows operating system. PerfMon stands for Performance Monitor, and it is an important component that allows the healthy running of the Windows Performance Monitor.

Should you permanently remove the Perfmon.exe from your computer? Is this file a form of spyware, a trojan, or a virus? Or could it be one of the legitimate computer files you know little about? We investigate.

What’s the first thing you do if you finally decide to peek into the inner workings of your computer and came across a number of processes and files unrecognizable to you. Is your first instinct to investigate or delete? 

Today, we investigate one of these processes – Perfmon.exe. If you’ve never downloaded this program or anything close to it and you’re now fiddling with your fingers wondering whether you should do away with it. We’re here to help you. 

We’ll help you learn about this file, what it is, what it does, and what you should do about it.

What is Perfmon.exe?

This executable file is analogous with the Net Protector Total Internet Security. In simple terms, this is the component or the real-time utility monitor whose primary function is to gauge the performance of your Windows system.

As the name suggests, Perfmon.exe will monitor the performance of your system, allowing you insights into the effects of installed programs on your overall PC’s performance. Perfmon.exe, though a product of Microsoft Windows, was developed by the India-based Biz Secure Labs.

resource monitor window

Is Perfmon.exe Safe? Should I Remove It?

In the general scheme of things, the Perfmon.exe is an important part of your computer’s operating system, and it isn’t a threat to the computer. From the time the file was first established, it was noted that the file uses a significant amount of the CPU resources.

While this is something you don’t want to deal with, this is not a file that you can just get away with because it’s important in the monitoring of different vital performance elements of your computer system. 

But, in as much as you really need it, you should know that the Perfmon.exe shouldn’t consume CPU resources in excess of 90% in its normal functioning mode. 

In other cases, however, the Perfmon.exe file is the root cause of the damage suffered by your PC. And by virtue of the file having a .exe extension, it means that the file is executable.

While the executable files are generally harmless, they could cause some harm to your computer because despite their use as essential delivery tools thanks to their practicality and omnipresence, they could be used channels for the virus and malware infections. 

Should you find the Perfmon.exe executable file in your computer, you should identify its origins. Often, the file originates from a Windows Operating system, but it could also be a Trojan virus. 

How does the virus get into your system?

In most cases, the viruses that conceal themselves as .exe files will take the form of Perfmon.exe because of its wide usage. The disguised virus is then distributed to you through spam emails.

In other cases, there are malicious websites that will pop up from different links; then, they are distributed as malware. Therefore, if you clicked on the suggested Perfmon.exe file in the downloads two or more times, that could be how your system got infected. 

Therefore, when it comes to handling this Perfmon.exe file, the identification of the file’s origin is essential.

When Is It Not Safe?

If the Perfmon.exe file originates from a Trojan virus, it means that the file could be corrupted by malware. In such a case, you have to identify ways of disinfecting the infection.

Besides being careful about the links you click and the sites you visit online, an investment in a good quality antivirus program for scanning files is crucial. 

Preventing the virus from getting into your system’s bloodstream could also be made possible by the installation of a firewall. And don’t forget to scan the programs you recently downloaded. 

How Do I Remove the Perfmon.exe File?

If infected (from a Trojan virus), you have to delete it from your computer and then reinstall it. It’s not one-step process though, and you have to dig a little deeper into your computer. Think of this is a way for you to practice your attentiveness to details skill.

Option 1 – Checking PC of infection

You could tell if the perfmon.exe file you downloaded is a virus or not by following these two simple steps:

  1. Open the task – press CTRL+ALT+DEL keys simultaneously
  2. Look for the Perfmon.exe file. If the file is located outside the normal file path C:\Windows\System32, it means that your computer is infected. To prevent further widespread of the problem, run your antivirus scan quickly to remove the malware from your PC. 

Option 2 – Finding the source of the problem

First, run a Windows System File Checker or the SFC/ Scannow. This represents a tool offered by Windows to allow you to scan for the corrupted files. 

The beauty of this tool is that it could also allow you to detect file errors in the perfmon.exe files. What this means is that if the File Checker could be used to source a problem on a .exe file, it could also replace the affected files. 

Here’s how to run the System File Checker 

  1. Click on the Windows Start Button
  2. Search for Command, but don’t click on the Enter button just yet. Now, how the CTRL+Shift simultaneously, then press Enter. A submission box will appear, click on Yes. Doing this opens a block box with a cursor. Type in the SFC/ scannow and then press Enter. This initiates files c
  3. Since file scanning will take a while, you shouldn’t rush the process. Once done, you will receive on-screen directions to guide you further.

Option3 – Restoring PC to Preexisting State 

If your PC has a Perfmon.exe error, the only way that you can revert things to normal and prevent further damage would involve restoring your PC to its initial state or at least how it was before the error on your .exe files.

How to go about this?

  1. Go to your Windows Start Button then search for System Restore and click on it. 
  2. Enter the administrator password if applicable then follow the System Restore Wizard to restore things. 
  3. When done, confirm, and then restore your computer.

Option 4 – Reinstallation of the Net Protector Total Internet Security Software

If option 3 fails, try this option. Note that this is an applicable fix when the error in your Perfmon.exe files is specific to a software or a program. 

  1. Click on the Start button then search for the features and programs of your computer. 
  2. Find the control panel and then click on it. Next, click on the programs tab, followed by Features and Programs. 
  3. Under the Name column, look for the Perfmon.exe program. Once you locate it, click on the Net Protector Total Internet Security.
  4. Find the uninstall option located at the top menu and then click on it. Follow the steps provided to the end.

Now you know all about the Perfmon.exe file, errors, and viruses that could affect its performance and the issues it could cause. So, while .exe files are important, they are also risky, and you have to know how they work or when they need fixing.