What Is slui.exe? Is It Safe?

SLUI stands for Software Licensing User Interface and is slui.exe is responsible for activating and maintaining the license that indicates your copy of Windows is legitimate.


If you open slui.exe you will see a screen prompting you to enter a long string of letters and digits. This is the product key, and generally only needs to be entered once.

If you open this program accidentally and your copy of Windows is already licensed, you can safely close the app without harming your computer.

If Windows is regularly requesting that you enter a product key, it is possible that your computer has not yet been licensed, the license was activated improperly, or your copy of Windows is not legitimate.

Your Windows product key is usually available in the documentation that was included when you purchased the computer.

If you cannot find the product key or bought your computer secondhand without documentation, you may be able to find the Windows product key on a sticker placed somewhere on the computer.

If you do not have access to your product key, or if the product key you have is rejected, you will need to contact a computer technician to help resolve the issue.

Slui.exe File Details

Developed by Microsoft Corporation, slui.exe, is an executable file. It’s usually about 173568 bytes in size, but the version you have may differ.

The full details are below:

File Name:slui.exe
File Extension:EXE file extension
Description:Windows Activation Client
Object File Type:Dynamic link library
Software Developer:Microsoft Corporation
Software Program:Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Code Size:173568

Is slui.exe Safe?

The legitimate slui.exe file is safe as it is part of Microsoft Windows.

Watch out for similarly named files, however, which may contain viruses. Hackers often use similarly named files to fool users.

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